Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss & Management

In theory, losing weight should be easy: less calories in, or more calories burned, equals weight loss. Yet the reality for many might have them questioning their own basic math skills.

But this equation doesn't factor in other variables such as discipline, motivation, patience, a stressful job, a hectic lifestyle or a bad day.

Short-term reward vs. Long-term reward

Short-term reward vs. Long-term reward

It doesn't reflect the unconscious processes (e.g. cravings) that can sometimes derail a goal. Nor does it acknowledge that food is often synonymous with love, reward, comfort and connection.

Who wants to lose any of that?

That's right, nobody.

It's no wonder that losing or maintaining weight can seem less like a process and more like a struggle.

If you've been struggling with your weight, I can help

Hypnosis alone won't "magic" the pounds away. It can, however, help you:

  • Get a handle on cravings without feeling cranky or deprived
  • Step up your motivation to exercise
  • Feel less sluggish & mentally lighter
  • Change your eating habits & develop a better relationship with food
  • Address any internal conflict that might sabotage your efforts
  • And more

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