Hypnotherapy for Anxiety & Worry

Everyone worries or gets anxious from time to time. Anxiety is a natural response we experience when we feel unsafe or uncertain, usually with regards to a future event or outcome.

At one end of the spectrum, anxiety and worry can:

  • Help steer you away from harm
  • Make you think twice about an action
  • Motivate you to do your best
  • Motivate you to plan & prepare for the future
  • Highlight what's important to you

At the other end, anxiety and worry can …

  • Wear you out & keep you feeling "on edge"
  • Cause you to constantly second-guess yourself or others
  • Keep you up at night
  • Chip away at your self-worth & feelings of independence
  • Fuel fear or panic

Persistent or extreme anxiety and worry have the potential to interfere with your daily life with repercussions to your well-being, livelihood and relationships. And what can compound matters is mistaking worry with problem solving.



  • Do you find yourself spinning around the same thoughts to no logical or satisfactory conclusion?
  • Do you often avoid situations that might make you feel uncomfortable or panicky?
  • Do you often feel overwhelmed & worry that you won't be able to cope?

If so, then anxiety and worry are probably taking up more space in your life than they need to.

Hypnotherapy can help you break the cycle of anxiety and worry

At the same time, it can provide relief and equip you with the resources to manage them better. It's not about getting rid of anxiety and worry altogether; they serve a useful purpose. Instead, we'll work with the unconscious, automatic part of your mind to help change your perceptions, feelings and responses.

In the process, you can discover (or rediscover) an ability to weigh risks in a more realistic way; to turn worry into sensible decisions and actions; to set aside your concerns and to enjoy a little, or a lot more, of what life has to offer.

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